Letting Go of My Desi girl

My daughter got her green card after two years.
She will leave for US next week with her American husband.
Will she come back to India ? Nope.

How do you feel as a father?
Most popular question I am required to answer.

I am smart enough to give all the right answers. “We’ll miss her terribly, but we’re thrilled for her bright future in the land of opportunity,” I say, trying to convince myself as much as anyone else. But deep down, there’s a sinking feeling that words can’t quite capture.

How do you distance yourself from someone who’s been your partner in crime for the past thirty years? From endless laughter to heated arguments, from shared joys to petty squabbles, she’s been my rock through it all.

But perhaps, in her departure, there lies a lesson for me. They say you’re never too old to learn,  I’m embracing that mantra with open arms. My daughter has been our moral compass, guiding us towards a more enlightened way of thinking.

Under her influence, archaic concepts like body shaming have been tossed out the window. Gone are the days of labeling people based on their appearance

In my olden days, we used to call all overweight boys and girls “Motu” or “moti” which was such a delightful expression at that time. Or any person with scanty hair was “Ganja “ Not anymore. Under my daughter’s  rule book, you can get a 20 year hard prison sentence for uttering those words.
Thanks to her, we’ve embraced a new mantra: #BodyPositivity

Moreover, she’s ignited a revolution in our household with her concept of TTK or “Tu Tera Kar.” No longer can we rely on others to do our bidding. If you want something done, you roll up your sleeves and do it yourself.
If you want adrak ki Chai, you go and make it yourself.
Modi ji would have been proud of this #AtmaNirbharGhar

My daughter also taught me that we should all “share and Care”  to reach the final purpose in Life. In case you are eating almonds, you need to share it with all “househelps”  ( servants, maids, cleaners are all banned words) #ShareAndCare

With so much deep learning and lifestyle changes, I feel like an upgraded version of myself (almost like Apple 15 pro)

As the day of her departure looms, I know there’ll be tears at the airport. My wife, bless her heart, will let them flow freely, but as for me, I’ll try to maintain my composure. After all, men aren’t supposed to cry, right? #BreakingGenderNorms

But make no mistake, I’ll miss my Desi girl like crazy. Her laughter, her spirit, her zest for life—they’ll linger in the air long after she’s gone. And as I watch her plane disappear into the horizon, I’ll offer up a silent prayer for her safe travels and a future filled with love, luck and laughter.

#FarewellDesiGirl #NeetiBrandAccelerator

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