How Cadbury 5 star’s new logo changed the game

I loved this ad. Yesterday, I wrote about creative marketing and this Cadbury 5 Star’s new ad is a prime example of creativity at its best.

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The saying ‘practice what you preach’ means it’s tough to actually do what you tell others to do. If your message to people is to ‘do nothing,’ it’s even harder because being still is not easy.

But Cadbury 5 Star, a chocolate brand known for not taking things too seriously, has changed its logo to have just five stars, paying tribute to those who find clever ways to get things done without much effort.

How does this help the brand? Well, when you rate a product or service on any app, you might see the 5 Stars which is similar to Cadbury’s new logo, which helps you remember the brand.

The campaign may not cost much but the recall value of Cadbury’s logo can change the game for the brand.

Well done 5 star!

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Hemant Mishrra

About the author: Hemant is the Founder & CEO of branding and marketing firm ”Neeti Brand Accelerator” in Mumbai. He is a brand strategist and has worked with more than 150 brands during last two decades. He is also mentor and coach to SMEs and startups. You can visit the website You can contact him at

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