5 ways to make your marketing more creative

What makes marketing creative?
Is it more imagination or innovation? Is a creative marketer more artist or entrepreneur?
Historically, the term “marketing creative” has been associated with the words and pictures that go into ad campaigns. But marketing, like other corporate functions, has become more complex and rigorous.

Marketers need to master data analytics, customer experience, and also product design. Do these changing roles require a new way of thinking about creativity in marketing?

1. Create with the customer, not just for the customer

Everyone likes to talk about being “customer-centric.” But too often this means taking better aim with targeted campaigns.

Customers today are not just consumers; they are also creators, developing content and ideas — and encountering challenges — right along with you.

Creativity in marketing requires working with customers right from the start to weave their experiences with your efforts to expand your company’s reach.

2. Invest in the end-to-end experience

Every marketer believes the customer experience is important. But most marketers only focus on the parts of that experience under their direct control.

Creative marketers take a broader view and pay attention to the entire customer experience from end to ends and this includes the product, the buying process, the ability to provide support, and customer relationships over time.

That takes time and resources – and it also requires bringing creative thinking to unfamiliar problems.

3. Turn everyone into an advocate

In a fragmented media and social landscape, marketers can no longer reach their goals for awareness and reputation just through paid media and PR.

Because, people are the new channel.
The way to amplify impact is by inspiring creativity in others.
Treat everyone as an extension of your marketing team: employees, partners, and even customers.

4. Bring creativity to measurement

The measurability of digital engagement means we can now know exactly what’s working and not working.

This gives marketing an opportunity to measure and manage itself in new ways.
In the past, marketing success was measured by sticking to budgets and winning creative awards.

Today, the ability to measure data and adjust strategies in real-time enables marketing to prove its value to the business in entirely new ways.

5. Guerrilla Marketing gives unique solutions

Guerrilla Marketing is an advertising strategy that focuses on low-cost unconventional marketing tactics that yield maximum results.” – C

The purpose of guerrilla marketing is to create an imaginative and unique way to present your brand ideas to your customers.
The purpose is to surprise your customers in a positive way, create a memorable impression and create a huge amount of social buzz

For example, McDonald flipped their golden arches on women’s international day which created a huge buzz

Do you have to be creative in marketing?
In today’s context, it is non-negotiable.
If your marketing is not creative, you are a dead duck.
You need to make a decision that any message going out of your company must be creative or not bother to send out anything.
Slowly you will find a remarkable change in your own company and your engagement with your customers will skyrocket.

You can start today to become more creative.

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Hemant Mishrra

About the author: Hemant is the Founder & CEO of branding and marketing firm ”Neeti Brand Accelerator” in Mumbai. He is a brand strategist and has worked with more than 150 brands during last two decades. He is also mentor and coach to SMEs and startups. You can visit the website www.www.neeti.biz. You can also contact him at hemant@neeti.biz

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