Bisk Farm launches T-Time Cookies and Half Half Masti

Bisk Farm has broadened its range by the launch of two fresh products – Heylo T-Time Cookies and Half Half Masti. These additions aim to enrich the tea-time experience and cater to the varied taste preferences of Indian consumers.

Heylo T-Time Cookies are crispy and crunchy treats infused with nutritious ghee, creating a combination of sweet and savory flavors. Half Half Masti is a cracker biscuit collection that combines sweet and salty flavors with a touch of intriguing spice.

Vijay Kr. Singh, the Managing Director of SAJ Food, expressed, “Bisk Farm has consistently prioritized the delivery of innovative and high-quality biscuits that meet the varied taste preferences of Indian consumers, all while maintaining the renowned Bisk Farm quality. We are excited to introduce Heylo T-Time Cookies and Half Half Masti, two meticulously crafted new products made with the finest ingredients to provide a delightful taste experience for our customers. We have full confidence that biscuit enthusiasts will warmly embrace these products and incorporate them into their daily tea-time rituals.”

He further added, “The company is preparing to establish a nationwide presence. It also wants to focus on expanding its market share in the South, Central, and North Indian regions. The launch of these two products aligns with our vision of transforming Bisk Farm into a truly national brand.”

Bisk Farm’s latest offering, Heylo T-Time Cookies, will be available in two sizes: 192 gms and 51 gms, priced at Rs 35 and Rs 10, respectively and Half Half Masti is offered in two sizes: 175 gms and 55 gms, priced at Rs 30 and Rs 10, respectively. These two new products are now accessible at all General Trade outlets and Modern Trade outlets.

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