Hershey India launches new variant of milkshake

Hershey India, a division of The Hershey Company, has recently launched an exciting digital campaign called ‘Slurp Up the Fun’. This campaign introduces a delectable treat known as the Cashew Butterscotch Ice Cream Flavor Milkshake. Moreover, this milkshake combines the richness of cashew nuts with the delightful essence of butterscotch ice cream. The primary goal of the campaign is to captivate consumers of all ages and inspire them to venture into the realm of new and adventurous milkshake flavors.

Hershey India hsd specifically designed the ‘Slurp Up the Fun‘ campaign to combat the scorching heat of summer. Additionally, it aims to present HERSHEY’S Milkshake as the ultimate solution for seeking relief during this season. By posting a digital film, the campaign effectively captures the attention of viewers. It starts with a group of bored and weary kids. These young kids are then introduced to the delicious range of HERSHEY’S Milkshake by their thoughtful mother. As soon as they take a sip of the mouthwatering milkshake, a wave of instant refreshment sweeps over them. Consequently, the film effectively conveys how HERSHEY’S Milkshake range acts as a perfect antidote for those sweltering summer days.

The new flavor, Cashew Butterscotch Ice Cream Flavor Milkshake, is readily available across all channels, including modern retail outlets and e-commerce platforms. Furthermore, it is priced at Rs. 40 for a 180ml pack. To ensure the campaign reaches a wide audience, Hershey India has implemented a robust digital media plan. This includes leveraging popular social media platforms, YouTube, and OTT platforms to effectively promote the ‘Slurp Up the Fun’ campaign and the new milkshake variant.

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