Wishlist for a blissful 2024

The shelf life of any New Year Resolution is 5 days.
So I have stopped making resolutions. Instead, I make Wishlist.
Even if I complete 50 % of my wishlist, it feels like moonwalking.
Light-hearted and blissful.

Here is my wish list for 2024

  1. I will stop Overreliance on Brand-Name Products:
     Often, generic products offer the same quality as brand names but at a significantly lower cost. This applies to a wide range of products, from medications to household items. As a brand consultant, I promote branding but I confess, that branding is overrated.
  2. Buying Books and Magazines:
    Don’t buy new books or Magazines. While reading is a great habit, purchasing new books can be expensive. Utilizing libraries, thrift stores, or digital reading platforms like Kindle can be a cost-effective alternative. This approach not only saves money but also supports sustainable practices​​​​.
  3. I will not renew my Unused Gym Membership:
     Gym memberships can be expensive, especially if not used regularly. Exploring alternative workout options like outdoor activities, home workouts, or community center facilities can be equally effective and much cheaper​​.
  4. I will avoid Home Décor Trends which are plain ugly

I will not use long and heavy drapery, brass hardware, matching furniture sets, over-the-range microwaves, hanging pot racks, and bold-colour appliances.

  • I shall avoid Fast Food and but not Alcohol
    Fast food, while convenient, can be a drain on both your wallet and health. Similarly, alcohol consumption can be therapy for the soul. So drink wisely if it makes you happy. If your doctor says otherwise- change the doctor.
  • I will carry out a digital detox
    Follow the 10/20/30 rule. I will have 10 WhatsApp groups, 20 individual contacts, and 30 minutes of social media per day. Spend one day without using a mobile phone.
  • I will try a minimalistic lifestyle
    If you have not used a product for the last six months (not applicable for spouse) or are not in love with it- it is time to discard it.
    The minimalistic theory says that you can lead a blissful life with only 150 products in your house.

    The real purpose of life is to live a blissful life -that overflows with love, luck, and laughter. Most of the time.

Hemant Mishrra

About the author: Hemant is the Founder & CEO of branding and marketing firm ”Neeti Brand Accelerator” in Mumbai. He is a brand strategist and has worked with more than 150 brands during last two decades. He is also mentor and coach to SMEs and startups. You can visit the website www.www.neeti.biz. You can contact him at hemant@neeti.biz

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