Kellogg’s and HERSHEY’S Team Up for ‘Kellogg’s HERSHEY’S Chocos

Kellogg’s and HERSHEY’S, two beloved global companies, have joined forces to introduce the new Kellogg’s HERSHEY’S Chocos. In collaboration with HERSHEY’S, Kellogg India is launching a co-branded Chocos cereal variant to offer consumers a delightful chocolatey experience.

Kellogg’s HERSHEY’S Chocos is a heart-shaped, chocolate-dipped cereal made with wheat that transforms milk into a delicious chocolate treat. Kids will enjoy having it with milk for breakfast or as a delightful snack anytime. Kellogg’s HERSHEY’S Chocos will make mornings more enjoyable.

The launch TV commercial of Kellogg’s HERSHEY’S Chocos features a young child and also their dog friend, expressing their excitement and love for the new Chocos variant. A nationwide campaign spanning two months supports the launch.

Uniting Two Iconic Brands

Ankit Desai, marketing director at Hershey India, commented on the partnership, stating, “We are thrilled to bring together two iconic brands that have long been the preference of millions of consumers. Through this launch, we aim to combine Hershey’s beloved premium chocolatey experience with the crunch of Kellogg’s Chocos. We will showcase this association across various channels as well as stores, supported by an endearing campaign to bring smiles to millions of consumers.”

Vinay Subramanyam, senior director of marketing at Kellogg South Asia, shared insights on the launch. “With schools reopening, households across the country will witness the familiar morning rush as children and parents hurriedly prepare for the day. Both kids and parents will warmly welcome a new offering like Kellogg’s HERSHEY’S Chocos during such times. The product promises ‘too much chocolatey fun,’ making the idea of breakfast with milk even more exciting. These two renowned brands, have come together to create an irresistible chocolatey experience that kids will love!

Shahrukh Irani, executive creative director at Ogilvy India, expressed excitement about unveiling a distinctive TV commercial for the new variant. He said, “How do you convey that Kellogg’s HERSHEY’S Chocos is so much chocolatey fun to have? You let the dog do the talking! The adorable conversation between the boy and the dog drives home that point and is sure to be loads of fun for the kids.”

The new variant comes in a 325gm pack, priced at Rs. 235. Consumers can find it on the shelves of MT, GT as well as all the e-commerce stores. As an exciting launch offer, over a million trial-size packs of Kellogg’s HERSHEY’S Chocos will be given for free with Kellogg’s Chocos boxes and other variants.

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