ITC B Natural brings back excitement into fruit beverages

ITC’s B Natural Juices & Beverages has introduced Fruits ‘N Bits, a new fruit beverage infused with real fruit chunks and also seeds. It contains no added preservatives or concentrates. The product offers a perfect balance of delicious fruit drink and real fruit & seed inclusions. With every gulp, consumers can enjoy a tasty beverage and a pleasant surprise.

The range of fruit beverages comes in three flavors – Mixed Fruit, Litchi (with Apple) & Guava. Each 300 ml PET bottle is priced at Rs. 65. The packaging uses recyclable aseptic PET bottles.

Sanjay Singal, the Chief Operating Officer of Dairy & Beverages at ITC, stated, “With the new launch, we aim to provide our consumers with a superior fruit beverage experience in line with B Natural’s ethos.” He emphasized that B Natural takes pride in sourcing the entire range from Indian farmers, using only Indian fruits.

The Fruits ‘N Bits range will be available in major retail stores and also eCommerce platforms nationwide. ITC B Natural Juices & Beverages continues its commitment to creating unique products tailored to the Indian palate.

In conclusion, ITC’s B Natural Juices & Beverages introduces Fruits ‘N Bits, a fruit beverage with real fruit chunks and seeds. It offers a delightful experience without added preservatives or concentrates. The range includes three flavors, packaged in recyclable PET bottles. By launching this product, ITC demonstrates its dedication to providing superior fruit beverages and also supporting Indian farmers. The availability in retail stores and eCommerce platforms ensures widespread access, fulfilling the brand’s commitment to cater to the diverse tastes of Indian consumers.

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