The best way to stand for something

The best way to build a brand that matters, a story that spreads, an impact that we remember, is to understand a simple but painful trade-off:

If you want to stand for something,

You can’t stand for everything.

My most difficult moment is when my clients tell me that their products can be used by everyone and anyone- male, female, kids, Gen z, millennials, old  people.

“Anyone can be our customer and we will get you what you want…” is almost impossible to pull off.
So is, “we have the best quality, we are most convenient and above all, we are the cheapest“

Targeting broad audience doesn’t work.
It didn’t work for Coca cola’s Kinley soda, or Levi’s signature collection or Kellogg’s cornflakes.
It didn’t work for Tata nano-the ultimate “people’s car”
Neither it will work for a local freelancer, who is eager to do whatever is asked.  

Target a small niche who will buy your product and love it.
This tribe will grow eventually and make your product successful.

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Hemant Mishrra

About the author: Hemant is the Founder & CEO of branding and marketing firm ”Neeti Brand Accelerator” in Mumbai. He is a brand strategist and has worked with more than 150 brands during last two decades. He is also mentor and coach to SMEs and startups. You can visit the website You can contact him at

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